October 07, 2014
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Do you have dentures that don't fit any more? Is there pain when you eat or put any pressure on your dentures? Or, have your parents or grandparents lost weight because they are eating less and less due to ill-fitting dentures?

It is important to note that not everyone can wear dentures comfortably. Bone support under the gums is the variable that determines adequate surface area for a denture or removable appliance. Bone support changes over time, and if teeth aren't present, there is typically more loss of bone over time. This means that long term denture wearers will have a more difficult time with removable teeth replacement appliances like dentures or partial dentures.

The Solution for Loose Dentures

Mini dental implants offer a reasonable solution to the problem of loose dentures. These implants can be placed in strategic areas to give stability to dentures or partial dentures. Instead of having a denture rest solely on gum tissue, the denture is supported by implants which are fixed and fully incorporated into the bone.

Dr. Howell has been trained in the placement of these implants to aid patients with stability in their dentures or partial dentures. Our office is located in the east end of Louisville just off Dutchman's Lane. To determine if you're a candidate for dental implants call (502) 899-7766, or click here to learn more about the procedure. We welcome new patients and are excited to meet you!


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