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By James B. Howell, DMD
July 01, 2014
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Close your eyes for a moment and picture your perfect smile. Would your teeth be whiter? Would you fix the spacing between your teeth? Or maybe there are other imperfections that drive you crazy and keep you from having the smile you picture in your head. What if we could promise you that with one simple procedure, your Louisville cosmetic dentist could get you that smile. We are serious! You will be amazed with the results when you get dental veneers in Louisville. Veneers

The Facts about Veneers

So what is this dental magic that promises a new and improved smile? It isn’t magic, but the results sure look like it. Here are some useful facts about porcelain veneers in Louisville to help you decide whether you are the right candidate for this dental treatment.
  • Do you hate the idea of spending hours in the dentist’s chair or coming back for multiple times to get your smile the way you want it? Do you want to get a better smile but you just can’t commit to a treatment? We completely understand your hesitation. Any kind of makeover can make people a little nervous. However, what makes dental veneers in Louisville such a winner is that there is very little tooth preparation needed to get you a beautiful new smile. Unlike with crowns, we only shave down a tiny bit of tooth enamel to make way for these thin shells. As always, a non-invasive treatment makes for a happy patient!
  • Do you want to hide those gaps, whiten your teeth, conceal chips and cracks or cover up general unevenness in your smile? If so, your Louisville dentist is urging you to consider dental veneers. These thin porcelain shells are specifically designed to target these very dental problems. If you could look in the mirror and see a straighter, whiter smile, would you? We believe your answer would be yes. That’s why dental veneers are a fantastic option for those looking to fix minor imperfections.
  • Can’t get enough Thai food? Or maybe you enjoy a soothing Earl Grey tea every night before bed. While you might be enjoying these glorious foods and drinks, your poor teeth are getting the brunt of it. This can cause some nasty stains over the years. Couple that with smoking or long-term antibiotic use, and you’ll find discolorations that are severe and hard to remove. If teeth whitening just hasn't helped solve the problem, then it might be time to consider porcelain veneers in Louisville, KY. An added bonus is that veneers are stain resistant—so feel free to dig into that Thai food all you want. We won’t judge!
Why not call our office and let us show you what your smile could look like.  We will be happy to show you financing options that can help you fit cosmetic dentistry into your budge.
If you think dental veneers are exactly what you’ve been looking for, then call us, your Louisville cosmetic dentist, at (502) 899-7766. We’ll work to get you a consultation right away.

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