December 11, 2014
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Dentures, or false teeth, have taken many forms over the years since they were first created. Their function to replace missing teeth hasn't changed, but how comfortable and natural looking they are has moved by leaps and bounds. Dentures are worn by millions of Americans, and can give you the function and look of real teeth. In the past, it was sometimes easy to tell if a person had dentures. Now, advancements in technology have resulted in dentures that are not only more comfortable, but come with the look and feel of natural teeth.

So What are Specialty Dentures?

They are actually dental implants that are made in a form that mimics the shape of the teeth in your mouth. They are used to replace teeth that have been removed whether that be a few teeth or the whole set. Depending on the type of teeth that have been removed, the dentures are available in different forms. They are mostly made out of acrylic resins and metal to hold it all together. Specialty dentures are very comfortable when worn, and give a natural look that you can be confident about. If you decide that dentures may be right for you, visit a dentist who will take a look the teeth that need to be replaced and, with the help of computer technology, come up with the best design of the dentures.

Partial Dentures

No matter your age or condition of your mouth, specialty dentures may be able to help you. Many people think that to have dentures they have to have an entire set of false teeth. Although this is a common type of denture used, it can also be made to fill even a gap of a single tooth. If you are missing one tooth or more, but still have natural teeth, dentures may still be a solution for you.

They can help you avoid cases where other remaining teeth will move to the empty space and cause discomfort and lack of self confidence. Teeth can become weak or dislodged from a variety of different reasons, but you can still have a great smile. After you remove some of your teeth, the others will begin to shift and turn. The right dentures will help them stay in position which will maintain your jaw line in its right shape even if you have removed all of your teeth.

Restore Confidence and Enjoy Comfort

When you are missing teeth from your mouth you will experience difficulty when you are eating. Some even experience pain while biting, but with dentures in place you will easily bite without the pain or discomfort allowing you to live a normal life.

Dentures present a natural and attractive appearance, and are designed to mimic the shape of your teeth. This makes them appear natural in your mouth. Most people who prefer wearing the dentures are able to enjoy a great smile, maybe even for the first time. This can restore the confidence that is sometimes lost when missing teeth.


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