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October 29, 2014
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In dental terms, crowns and bridges are both oral devices which are cemented onto existing teeth and can only be removed by a dentist, except for some removable bridges that can be taken out for cleaning. Both crowns and bridges act to maintain the proper positioning of teeth by filling in where teeth are missing or partially removed, and both help to improve the natural look of a person's smile by blending in with other teeth.

Whereas a crown is a kind of cap placed over a partial tooth, a bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth in the mouth and is usually cemented onto adjacent teeth or crowns. In the past, these devices were often, at least partially, constructed of metal, and this was noticeable even if the metal part was covered by porcelain, because the dark metallic part was often evident.

Modern preparation of crowns and bridges is more sophisticated and does a better job of blending in with existing teeth. Crowns and bridges can now be constructed without the use of any metal, and can be entirely made of porcelain or ceramic, which matches the look of existing teeth to a much greater degree. Ceramic crowns can be prepared in one visit to a dentist's office, because they can be milled right on the premises, rather than having a mold taken which would be sent out to a laboratory, as in the past. Another huge benefit of ceramic crowns and bridges is the very natural coloring they provide, because they are completely constructed of ceramic colored to match other teeth in the mouth.

The materials used for construction of either a bridge or crown will usually depend on where in the mouth a tooth needs to be replaced or capped, because back teeth do not affect a smile as much as front teeth, so appearance is not as great a factor. In such cases, the stronger metal alloys can be used to add longer life to a crown or bridge, and it can still have a porcelain or ceramic veneer to blend in. In the front of the mouth, however, where a smile does so much to add to a person's sense of well-being, an all-porcelain or all-ceramic composition may be the best choice. Modern dentistry has now provided options to have the best of both strength and durability, and optimum appearance.

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