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Explore the Benefits of 3M Espe – A Denture Attachment System

To further improve his dental office and the services offered, Dr. Howell recently attended a course sponsored by 3M Espe regarding a denture attachment system. Through this class, Dr. Howell was able to gain further knowledge of the benefit of this new denture attachment system and how it would benefit those with dentures.
3M Espe Denture Attachment
This system would benefit those who are having difficulty with their complete dentures or partial dentures. If you are currently wearing a denture and are having to use paste all the time to keep your denture from moving, or if you are unable to eat the foods you like while wearing your dentures, we are now offering this form of implant dentistry at the office of Dr. James Howell. 
Contact us today to learn more about this innovative implant dentistry procedure at our office! We can help you smile with confidence and without complications.

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